the arctic is
Arctic Is Website Coming In Summer 2016.
L’Artique Est Paris, a film by Mel Chin.

The Arctic Is project aims to make climate change personal. For years climate change has been strongly associated with the Arctic (melting ice bergs, drowning polar bears etc.) and indeed some of the most abrupt changes to the climate are being felt there first. However, climate change affects everybody. It is urgent; it is real; and, because it is human-caused, it also something we have the power to change.

The changes that begin the Arctic are sweeping throughout the world. The Artic is Paris. The Arctic is Des Moines. The Arctic is Cairo. The Arctic is Beijing. The Arctic is Beirut. The Arctic is Your Hometown.


The Arctic Is was born in Captiva, Florida in the course the first Rising Waters Confab residency put together by the Rauschenberg Foundation. Mel Chin and Gretel Ehrlich came up with the idea to bring an Inuit leader named Jens Danielsen to Paris for the 2015 climate talks and to have him ride a sled there pulled by French poodles. This idea evolved into a short film by Mel Chin (to be released in 2016), two events orga- nized by Gretel in Paris and a planned website spearheaded by The Canary Project.

The website will live at this url. The site will link a selection of the world’s most compelling photography about climate change with stories, data and meaningful non-trivial actions that people can take. Users can dig into the site by selecting a given location or filtering by photographer. The site will utilize a database and content management system, allowing it to scale. Ultimately, we aim to provide compelling information on climate change impacts and actions for every place and every person in the world.


Until we build the fully functional site here are some links.

Global Climate Change Impacts by Region:

US-Specific Impacts Breakdown (greater detail):

Global Actions: